NITB Latest jobs 2021

 NITB Latest jobs 2021 

National information technology board jobs Islamabad

NITB Latest jobs 2021 Islamabad









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National information technology board jobs 2021 in Islamabad

There is an effort to provide the latest information technology training to youths in Islamabad, companies, and organizations are also coming forward in providing an opportunity to youths in the end technology knowledge up the future with the latest development in the field of IT.

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According to the latest media reports, in the IT field, all leading IT companies are reaching out to youths to provide them a chance to join their company in their latest development at minimal costs.

NITB latest jobs 2021 Islamabad

NITB latest jobs Islamabad

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1.graphic Designer 

2.Network System Engineer


National information technology board jobs in Islamabad

There is a need to change the quality of our lives, employment and employment opportunities need to be increased for students of all ages by investing more in education and skills development.

The media needs to recognize the contribution of all the good people who are looking for a better future for their children with more employment opportunities to provide them a proper opportunity to educate and skills them up for the future.

National information technology board jobs  in Islamabad

NITB latest jobs 2021 Islamabad

The government of Pakistan needs to further invest more in the technical education and training sector to equip the youth with proper skills and knowledge.

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Teaching excellence

The government needs to see the real potential of our youth. Education needs to be properly studied and covered so that our youth have the knowledge to educate themselves, and the government should look towards providing the best education system for all.

Any change for the better future of the nation needs to take place in the field of education and training so that the government gives proper opportunities to their brilliant youth by increasing their job opportunities and job opportunities so that they can provide their future generations with the education and skills they need.

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Education and job opportunities should be brought under the direct control of the government so that it can give the right opportunities to the youth, which is needed for the nation. There is a need to do more in the field of education and training to equip the youth with all the education and skills.

While the Government and private sector are working on different levels to provide jobs, there is a need to do more in the field of education and training to equip our youth with proper knowledge and skills.

Have you ever tried a job in the education and training sector? Share your stories.

Now more and more young people are seeking employment in the IT sector to provide better education opportunities to their children, but their parents need to accept that education can provide better education and better job opportunities for their children, while education in the field of technology should be provided to all the students at the earliest.

According to the current news report, the government of Pakistan is considering stopping recruitment in the educational institutes of Islamabad, as well as in the training institutes.

Some government officials say, it is the right time to do this and some say it is necessary to do this, in order to bring in better governance.

The decision of restricting recruitment is the right step to provide better education to our children in our educational institutes and they also need to be provided more and more education and training for the proper development of the nation.

According to current government statistics, there are about 830 educational institutes in all the provinces of Pakistan. However, there is a need to bring all those educational institutes under one central system, so that the public has more access to get education on a better basis.

Bureau of education, NITB is the largest training institute of education and training in the field of education and training. Since its inception, it has been providing education and training to more than 50,000 people.

The government needs to implement its policies in all the private educational institutes to provide more educational opportunities to students.

Currently, the majority of people in Pakistan have no education and limited employment opportunities.

With the implementation of the current policies, our economy will get a much-needed boost in the future which will provide much-needed job opportunities for the future of the nation.

Have you ever tried a job in the education and training sector? Share your stories.

According to the latest report by a private news channel, NITB is working to provide the best educational opportunities in the field of IT in the current year. NITB is planning to introduce Computer Course Informatics (CI-33) in Engineering and Technology at the National Institute of Technology. NITB will provide computing courses to the public to teach them computer programming for designing computers, hardware, and networking, etc.

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In the future, NITB will also provide information technology (IT) and telecom engineering courses. In recent days, the number of students enrolled in NITB education and training has increased to over 6,500.

NITB is also working to provide the graduates of its classes with an opportunity to get jobs in NITB affiliated industries, which will give them job opportunities.

Other than this, NITB has also launched its own organization named Technology Upgradation and Skill Development Center (TUSDC), which is actively working for the training of IT and telecom engineers, architects, and professionals.

While talking to a private news channel on the matter, NITB has recently proposed the establishment of an educational institution in Islamabad. The institution will be established in the next fiscal year.

It is yet not clear which government organization will be providing job opportunities for graduates of NITB affiliated classes in the future, but they all should be able to provide adequate job opportunities to the graduates of all NITB affiliated classes in the future.

The ongoing reforms in the field of education and training are required to be done and this job opportunity needs to be provided to all the young graduates in the upcoming education and training institutions in the future.

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In the meantime, the government needs to ensure that all government education and training institutes are provided with the best teaching staff.

Job opportunities should also be provided to students, studying in the educational institutes affiliated with other institutions, which may lead to more job opportunities for the students.

NITB is also planning to provide IT courses to the local community which will give them jobs after getting training from the institute.

Government should establish educational institutions and provide job opportunities in all the public and private educational institutes across the country to provide job opportunities for all the young graduates in the future.

The News is a government official media organization.

Anusha Sabih, an official of NITB, said the institute has about 50,000 students. Some students are doing the job by completing the course within a year, while some students are getting jobs after passing the course in three and four years.

The official said NITB has not registered any employee in the last seven months, because the institute has not received any job opportunity.

Anusha Sabih added that out of the 600 unemployed persons registered in NITB, over 500 people have applied for jobs in the institute. Out of the 500, 150 have completed their training and these 150 employees will provide job opportunities to the other 350 candidates after completing the training.

If the institute provides job opportunities to 100 people, then the institute will have at least 10 jobs for people after completing training. The official said that after completion of training, students can get jobs by submitting their applications and after completing training, jobs are also provided to the trained students.

Due to this job opportunity, NITB has registered more than 5,500 employees and students.

Registrars of the institute said that at least 500 to 1,000 jobs are expected after completing the training because currently, all the graduates of NITB get job opportunities in different educational and public sector organizations after passing the course.

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In the current year, over 700 people have already been provided jobs in the institute. In 2011-2012, over 1,400 jobs were provided, while in 2013-2014, around 500 jobs were provided to the institute employees and students, while 5,500 jobs were provided to employees and students.

Officials of NITB said the institute is not a high-profile institute, but it needs attention from the government. The institute is planning to hire an academic dean.

According to a media report, the institute in 2012-2013 required an additional 11,000 employees to fulfill all the requirements. Due to lack of attention, it will not be possible to provide jobs for over 21,000 students.

A professor at NITB has demanded that the private sector should be given priority over the government sector in providing job opportunities.

Earlier, the education minister and the officials of the education department said that the institute has recently opened 100 vacancies and trained many people in its different departments. The education department provides employment to graduates from private institutes.

A school teacher said that all the government educational institutes need an education officer and all the job


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