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“We are currently preparing the second phase of Pakistan jobs bank and with the cooperation and support of the government, the bank will be ready to start the second phase by December this year. We are expecting a positive response from the government as we believe in government support for local job creation,” Fazal Mehran Banker, Acting Deputy Governor, NBP, said.

“We are going to set up 20 new bank jobs branches. We have plans to launch four new private banks within next five years. The bank has a mandate of creating 20,000 new bank jobs every year to meet the growing job demand. We are expecting a growing demand for bank jobs from all banks as well as from other companies,” Banker added.

The bank aims to give its services to all bank employees and employees from banks and other employers within the country.

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In other jobs news, the newly created Pakistan jobs bank had already offered jobs to 1,800 job seekers who had applied from Pakistan over a period of two months.

Meanwhile, Minister of State for Finance, Rana Muhammad Afzal, recently said the Pakistan government will launch a jobs bank for all workers and industries with the help of the national bank of Pakistan.

“We have not failed the country. We were able to serve with honest intentions and honesty and we will not repeat such mistakes,” the minister said.

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To bolster its job creation efforts, Pakistan has begun the national employment bank with the help of the central bank’s job placement website.

The project was launched by the finance minister, Muhammad Ishaq Dar, today in Karachi, according to a media report.

The bank will offer jobs to young people for both public and private sectors industries and the government today launched a job placement website, “Pakistan jobs bank, today”, to attract youth to apply for jobs.

“We are going to focus on jobs at banks. Today, we launched our national jobs bank and we are also putting in efforts to create jobs for the upcoming jobs and industries in the country,” Dar said.

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As part of the national job bank, the Pakistan jobs portal is set up with information and data about current and future jobs. It offers several recruitment opportunities ranging from bank jobs to bank jobs to government jobs and jobs from banks.

Pakistan Jobs Bank Today

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The main roles and responsibilities include recruitment of youth for bank jobs and providing information and job details to youth who want to apply for a job at banks.

“New bank jobs that we are putting in are going to be the new jobs of tomorrow and we are just providing the job profiles to youth who are interested and want to work in banks. The details we are providing are not just the basic details of the job, it is about personal aspects of the bank job. If a youth wants to work in the Pakistan national bank, he has to send the details of his family including his religion and religion of his spouse. He has to provide details of his bank manager. We will also be promoting bank jobs on the website,” Ali Hussain Yousaf, Deputy Managing Director NBP, told a local news agency.

More jobs to come

Today’s government jobs portal is not the first government job portal in Pakistan.

Back in 2013, the government had launched the national jobs portal to provide services to job seekers and employers.

But it has never been operational, forcing job seekers to deal with banks themselves.

However, the bank has suspended its activities due to financial difficulties.

“Today, we are not offering new bank jobs and have put on hold the banks that were offered. But we will soon start offering banks job,” Khan added.

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In other jobs news, the country’s largest bank, State Bank of Pakistan, has put on offer 110 jobs today.

Interested candidates are advised to apply for these jobs by visiting the bank’s website

A bank job with State Bank of Pakistan is not that easy as one needs to complete a finance course and pass a government examination.

Here are all the bank job categories and positions offered by State Bank of Pakistan today.

Bank Job Categories & Position Available

Bank Job Category Job Description Amount of Selected Amount for Allotment First Bank / SA/SAI Approved / SAII Approved Bank Account Officer $100,000 $100,000 Quantity, Bank Account Officer Part-Time Junior Assistant / Junior Assistant General Banking Assistant $25,000 $25,000 Quantity, Bank Account Officer Part-Time Assistant Manager / Assistant Manager / Manager Management Trainee / Management Trainee General Banking Assistant Manager / General Banking Assistant Manager / Manager Management Trainee General Banking Assistant Manager / Manager Management Trainee Quantity Manager / Quantity 

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